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TS TestingService

Tire, Rims and more

TS TestingService is a leading supplier of tire and rim testingg machines in the world. TesingService is the only supplier in the world who can suppliy the whole range of rim and tire testing machines

TS Elino

Rare earth, catalysts and more

TS Elino is a leading supplier of furances for the powder metallurgie, batterie and catalyst industry.


Drive-, Prop-shaft, gears and more

TS Gim is a leading supplier of the whole range of drive shaft and prop shaft testing machines.

TS Autovision

Production inspection machines and more

TS Autovision is a leading supplier for all kind of visual product inspection systems. TS Autovision provides inspection machines for automotive components as brake disk, tires, gear components.

TS Henschel

Gear Boxes for all kind of applications

TS Henschel provide gear boxes which can be used in the rail, extruder, oil and gas, wind energy and automtive business

TS TestCenter

Tires, safety glase, tubes and more

TestingService have two test center one in Germany and one in Thailand. TestingService is certificied accordíng to ISO 17025 and ISO 17020 for tire and safety glase testing

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